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As the weather starts to cool down, and everyone can finally put on the autumn clothes! Autumn is a time for more layers and variations. But since it’s not too cold and you are not afraid of getting too bloated, you should take the advantage during the autumn time! If you haven’t bought any new outfits yet, you can check out our 5 fashionable items that are definitely on trend this season!

1. Knitted Vests

Girls who pay attention to Korean celebrities will find that vintage knitted vests are everywhere, and they all prefer oversized styles. The style of solid color of earth tone, cute printed patterns are all easy to buy on the market. We recommend pairing the oversized knitted vests with a one-piece mini dress or a skirt to elongate the lower body and make your legs look longer! For those who don’t like to wear skirts, you can also pair it with jeans for a more stylish look.

2. Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are still on the rise! Oversized shirts make your body look smaller and add a sweet and cute touch, so it’s no wonder many girls can’t get enough of them. Recently, loose fitting tops are being worn with floor-length trousers or wide legged pants to create a slouchy look. As the weather gets colder, add a thin jumper to your shirt to add more layers.

3. Cut-out

A cut-out, as the name suggests, is a piece of fabric cut out of a garment at certain points, such as the collarbone, above the bust or around the waist, to make the figure look slimmer or sexier. This season, the brand has even extended the cut-out to knitted items, so that sexiness is not limited to summer!

4. Knitted One-piece Dresses

One-piece dresses are a boon for office ladies, so you don’t have to mix and match and you can get a few more minutes of sleep! Knitted dresses have a sense of formality, so pair them with a pair of loafers or boots for a more polished look.

5. Leather boots

The boot trend is back! This season, many trendsetters are wearing leather boots, and those who are smaller can choose to wear knee-high boots with a short skirt. Choose a straighter, longer leg, which will make your legs look straighter and longer. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t get one?

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